3 Day Diet

The 3-Day Diet focuses on mixing certain types of foods that supposedly create a specific metabolic reaction in your body. The chemicals are supposed to boost your metabolism and help you burn fat at a higher rate than usual. The diet only lasts for 3 days and should only be repeated after taking four to five days off. The specific portions need to be followed by the book, or you may not achieve the results that the creators of the diet claim are possible.

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The Three Day Diet's Regimented Meal Plan

Breakfast on the first day begins with coffee (no sugar), one half a grapefruit, and a piece of toast with 1 Tbsp peanut butter. For lunch, you are allowed a can of tuna, a piece of toast, and black coffee. Dinner consists of 3 ounces of chicken or lean meat, a cup of green beans, one cup of carrots, one apple, and one cup of regular vanilla ice cream. The other two days of the diet are relatively similar in meal quantity, though the specifics change, e.g. Day 2 recommends two beef franks for dinner in place of three ounces of lean meat. The diet claims that weight loss of 10 pounds is achievable over the 3 days that the diet lasts.

The “Yo-Yo” Diet

Quite simply, the 3-Day Diet is a very poor choice for anyone looking to lose weight. Claims that the diet works because of a "unique metabolic reaction" created by food combination are unfounded. The only reason that a person on this diet would lose weight is due to the severe calorie restriction. Because of the low amount of carbohydrate in the diet, it is also possible that a person on this diet will primarily lose water weight, as carbohydrate encourages your body to retain water, which is healthy and necessary. As soon as the dieter goes back to eating a normal diet and consuming a normal amount of carbohydrate, this water weight will be gained back. The 3-Day Diet is an excellent example of a "yo-yo" diet or fad diet that never educates the dieter on how to achieve sustainable, healthy weight loss. There are numerous alternatives to the 3-Day Diet that are much healthier, and will produce better results.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

3 Day Diet is another fad diet that has some wacky method to get you to reduce portions. For a "real" diet, my personal favorites in the "reduce calories by reducing portions" category are the South Beach Diet and the Mediterranean Diet.

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South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet

This hugely popular diet promises diligent followers an initial weight loss of 8-13 pounds in the first two weeks. The emphasis is on avoiding highly processed carbohydrates, such as those found in baked goods, breads, snacks and soft drinks. Divided into three phases, the diet gradually reintroduces some initially forbidden foods. One premise of the diet is that low-fat prepared foods can be a bad idea except in the case of low-fat cheese, milk and yogurt. Exercise is not emphasized with this diet.

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean is comprised of a large area of land that stretches from western Spain to the Middle East. Structured after traditional lifestyle habits of those in this area, the Mediterranean Diet is ideal for people who like to cook, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, and are interested in making a permanent lifestyle change. With very few dietary restrictions, followers of the Mediterranean Diet are allowed to eat all the things they enjoy, in moderation. Unlike the customary Western style of quickly eating large portions, the Mediterranean Diet places great emphasis on spending time on preparing and enjoying small, tasty meals. Rather than make drastic lifestyle modifications, this plan teaches people to choose low-fat, low- cholesterol foods that are packed with flavor and will leave them feeling fulfilled. The Mediterranean Diet aims to permanently improve long-term health.