5 Ways To De-Stress In December

Monday, December 18, 2006 - 10:22am

By Michele Silence, MA

When the month of December rolls around, schedules are hectic. It’s easy to get overloaded and wish the holidays were over. Use these suggestions to de-stress your life and enjoy the holidays to their fullest.

#1: Delegate and reduce stress

If there’s ever a time of year to ask others for help, it’s now. Whether it’s making a special dinner dish, picking up the kids after school, or finishing some of the paperwork on top of your desk, ask for help. Handing over just a few select jobs to someone you trust will help keep you sane all month long.

#2: Simplify tasks and reduce your worries

Instead of multi-course meals opt for quick and healthy alternatives you can pop in the microwave or eat out of the container. For a simpler shopping season, purchase gifts online when you have a few extra moments. Also, keep in mind that everyone loves gift certificates.

#3: Organize your time - get more done and have time to spare

By organizing your time you’ll fit in more tasks and feel less stressed. Make a list of everything you need to get done for the entire month and place it some place where you can see it daily. Look at each item each day and work on what you can. Doing a little at a time can help you get your tasks done sooner with time to spare.

#4: Pamper yourself and remain healthy and happy

Remember to take care of yourself. Treat yourself to things that will help you stay healthy and happy for the entire holiday season. These things include eating nutritiously, sticking to your exercise program, and giving yourself special treats you wouldn’t otherwise indulge in the rest of the year like a massage, a manicure, a facial, etc.

#5: Volunteer: it gets you into the spirit of the season

Reach out and help someone else less fortunate this season. Whether it’s volunteering your time or purchasing something for a needy family it’s what the season is all about. If you’re spending the holidays alone this can really help you get through them with meaning. You’ll feel great, appreciate your life and find peace and calmness during this festive season.