7 Day Diet

The 7-Day Diet allows people to indulge in certain foods on specific days. The diet claims to detoxify the body and lead to weight loss. One day might have you eating certain fruits, while another involves eating all kinds of vegetables. By following this diet, you could potentially lose up to 14 pounds.

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The 7-day Diet's Rigid Meal Plan

On the first day of this diet (Monday), you can eat all the fruits and vegetables you desire, with the exception of bananas. The next day is strictly vegetables, but you can eat as many as you want. Wednesday goes back to both fruits and vegetables. On Thursday you can have five bananas and five glasses of milk. It's easy to see that the diet deals with extremes in terms of food and what is allowed.

Should You Try The 7-Day Diet?

The 7-Day Diet is not very balanced and can lead to weakness and fatigue. It probably will lead to weight loss as well, but this is due to the fact that you are only eating fruits and vegetables most of the time. Overall, this diet fits squarely in the category we call fad diets and is not recommended.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

Lets see, if you are on the 7 day diet chances are good you want variety. Rather than mess around with this "what day is it?" diet, just choose a diet plan that allows you to customize your diet around your taste. Examples of diets like this include eDiets Weight Loss Plan and the Mediterranean Diet.

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eDiets Weight Loss Plan

eDiets Weight Loss Plan

Though eDiets.com hosts a number of different diets on their site, they also propose one of their own. The eDiets Plan is a highly personalized and customized diet plan meant to take into account every individual's different needs and goals. Whatever a person's tastes, preferences and dietary needs, this plan may be customized accordingly. Also, the plan may be changed at any time and is noted for its wide variety and good balance.


Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean is comprised of a large area of land that stretches from western Spain to the Middle East. Structured after traditional lifestyle habits of those in this area, the Mediterranean Diet is ideal for people who like to cook, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, and are interested in making a permanent lifestyle change. With very few dietary restrictions, followers of the Mediterranean Diet are allowed to eat all the things they enjoy, in moderation. Unlike the customary Western style of quickly eating large portions, the Mediterranean Diet places great emphasis on spending time on preparing and enjoying small, tasty meals. Rather than make drastic lifestyle modifications, this plan teaches people to choose low-fat, low- cholesterol foods that are packed with flavor and will leave them feeling fulfilled. The Mediterranean Diet aims to permanently improve long-term health.