Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Apple cider vinegar is an acidic solution produced by fermenting apples. The combination of the acidic vinegar and fruit pectin is supposedly the reason behind this solution's "fat burning effects".

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Daily intake of apple cider vinegar

In order to complete the apple cider vinegar diet, you must take one, two, or three teaspoons of apple vinegar before each meal. While it can be quite difficult to get three teaspoons down initially, after a couple of days most people have no problem working up to it. Any more than three is most likely beyond what your stomach can handle anyway, due to the strongly acidic nature of the vinegar. That said, there are now apple cider vinegar diet pills which are probably far easier to consume if you are set on trying this diet out.

Does the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet work?

Like many other fad diets , it's not clear as to whether there are any properties in the vinegar that will help you lose weight. In fact, vinegar has been around as a "diet miracle" since Lord Byron popularized it in the 1820's according to the American Dietetic Association's Fad Diet Timeline. The primary reason that this diet would work is that you are told to eat moderate portions, watch the nutritional composition of the food you eat, and get exercise. Just doing those alone is often enough to stimulate your body to maintain a healthy weight, if not lose weight.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet is another fad diet that has some wacky method to get you to reduce portions. Who wants to eat spoonfuls of vinegar anyway? For a "real" diet, my personal favorite in the "reduce calories by reducing portions" category is the Mediterranean Diet.

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Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean is comprised of a large area of land that stretches from western Spain to the Middle East. Structured after traditional lifestyle habits of those in this area, the Mediterranean Diet is ideal for people who like to cook, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, and are interested in making a permanent lifestyle change. With very few dietary restrictions, followers of the Mediterranean Diet are allowed to eat all the things they enjoy, in moderation. Unlike the customary Western style of quickly eating large portions, the Mediterranean Diet places great emphasis on spending time on preparing and enjoying small, tasty meals. Rather than make drastic lifestyle modifications, this plan teaches people to choose low-fat, low- cholesterol foods that are packed with flavor and will leave them feeling fulfilled. The Mediterranean Diet aims to permanently improve long-term health.