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Holiday temptations: Strategies to avoid office snacking

During the holidays there are tons of cookies, candies and pastries at the office. When they're in front of my face all day I always overeat. Can you help?

If it’s possible, move the food away from your desk or the areas you frequent. Ask others to help keep it away from you as a personal favor. If that doesn’t work, plan a counter attack. Prepare your own large platters of fruits and veggies. Place them next to the goodies and every time you walk past, grab a veggie instead of the candy. Even if you only take the healthier snack half the time, you’re making an improvement. If you absolutely know you’re going to have one of the treats, hold off until you’re almost ready to go home. Looking forward to it all day can curb the desire to eat all day long. And, it prevents you from feeling deprivation when you actually allow yourself to eat one of the decadent desserts.

For further tips on avoiding temptation food in the office see the following article from TheDietChannel: Office Goodies: Ways to avoid temptation.

Michele Silence, MA
Contributing Expert

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