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Holiday exercise: How can you stick to a routine when you have guests?

How can I maintain my exercise schedule when my relatives and friends are visiting from out of town?

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Simple. Take them with you. They’re visiting your territory, so they should be eager to participate in your daily habits and do things that are important to you. If you walk or jog, take them along. They can meet you at a predetermined point if your speed and theirs don’t mesh. One tip: Don’t ask them if they want to go, just assume they’d naturally want to. Say, “Mom, come on and go with me for a little walk,” or “Sue, remember the fun we had dancing in school? Come with me to my fitness class, you’ll see how fun it is.”

Many times people are afraid to ask visiting friends and family to join them. Whether they come along to the gym to watch, or they just sit on a park bench, you’ll be doing your workout and relieving tension. No matter how much you love seeing them, when your daily routine is altered you are more likely to get stressed out.

The worst that can happen is that they won’t like the activity. When you visit someone you probably end up doing things you don’t like either. Taking them along to your workout isn’t punishment. You’re sharing your life with them and what’s important to you. It gives you time to talk. And, it may even get them excited about exercising!

Michele Silence, MA
Contributing Expert

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