Beverly Hills Diet

The Beverly Hills Diet is a combination diet that relies on specific chemical reactions within the body. Nuts and fruits are the main ingredients and according to this diet, certain fruits create specific reactions in your body: papaya softens fat, pineapple burns it off, and watermelon flushes it out the body.

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What's on the Beverly Hills Diet Menu?

For the most part you eat fruit by itself and never mix it with proteins. This way the food is properly digested. For the first 10 days, only fruit is permitted. Then on day 11, you can only have carbohydrates. Not until day 19 can you actually eat protein.
People who like eating fatty foods and can't stand counting calories should enjoy this diet.

How successful is the Beverly Hills Diet?

The results of the Beverly Hills Diet are questionable. You can lose a lot of weight initially, but the rapid weight loss may end in health complications. The Beverly Hills Diet is also very low in protein and misses some essential vitamins and nutrients.

For a review of this diet and 3 other diets by the American Cancer Institute see the following article by TheDietChannel: Popular Diets Versus Dietary Guidelines.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

Great…another unsustainable, starve yourself diet. There is no good equivalent for this loser of a weight loss plan. So when in doubt, I say consider Sonoma as an alternative. It's my favorite new diet plan. At least it permits a glass of wine!

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