Bill Philips Eating For Life

Bill Philips Eating for Life Plan

Bill Philips Eating for Life Plan

Eating for Life is the follow-up to Bill Philips’s hugely successful Body for Life book. Phillips bills the program as the "anti-diet,” emphasizing healthy lifestyle adjustments instead of the various tricks that most diets suggest. Phillips explains that typical diets place dieters in a battle against food, but that food is not an enemy, but rather an essential part of an overall lifestyle choice.

Overview of the Bill Philips Eating for Life Diet

The philosophy behind Bill Phillips’ anti-diet is a sustained lifestyle of wise eating choices. Phillips claims that a sustainable diet is one that emphasizes the concepts of enjoyable eating and eating often. Eating should be enjoyable and satisfying, and not understood as a punishment. To this end, Phillips recommends eating six small balanced meals per day. In contrast to typical diets, the Eating for Life diet does not completely eliminate certain components, like carbohydrates, but offers them in a reasonable portion and in combination with other foods. Carbohydrates and proteins are necessary parts of life; the problems tend to arise when we consume them in larger quantities than necessary in order to compensate for infrequent eating. Phillips explains that if we don’t eat often enough, the times when we do eat will have the potential to be times in which we overeat. When this happens, eating is treated as a task and even a punishment. Phillips advocates feeding the body rather than starving it.

What to eat on Bill Philips' diet

Eating for Life recommends a diet low in fat that consists of 40%-50% protein and 40%-50% carbohydrates. These amounts are consumed in six small meals, each of which consists of vegetables, protein in the form of lean meat, poultry, fish, egg whites, or cottage cheese; as well as carbohydrates such as potatoes or brown rice. The book offers 240 pages of healthy recipes that are easy to prepare.

What not to eat on Bill Philips' diet

Although the Eating for Life plan does not prohibit any particular foods, the meal suggestions are rich in lean proteins. As a motivator, the plan allows a one-day period of rest in which you are encouraged to eat whatever you choose. According to Phillips, this accurately reflects the notion that eating should be pleasurable. Rather than viewing the rest day as a failure, it is designed to encourage sustained healthy eating choices.

Eating options on the Bill Philips' diet

As you can imagine, planning for six meals each day offers a wide variety of options. Again, the focus is not on what you can or cannot eat, but rather on eating enjoyable meals in reasonable portions.

Bill Philips' diet: any exercise recommendations?

The Eating for Life plan recommends weight or resistance training and cardiovascular training at the frequency of three times a week each. This will properly enable the protein in the diet to form muscle mass, which boosts the body’s fat-burning capabilities.

Bill Phillips' diet: number of dieters

Bill Phillips’ books on weight control and healthy nutrition have topped the New York Times Bestseller list; so conceivably, his diet has been used by millions of people.

Post-Diet weight maintenance plans

As the title implies, the program is tailored to enable people to make healthy choices for life. As a result, there are no shortcuts or special methods to maintaining weight loss; rather, the concepts proposed in Body For Life are ones that should alter attitudes about nutrition and health over the long term.