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Blood type diets: What are the recommended foods?

I have type O blood. Which foods should I eat? Which should I avoid?

The scientific community has rejected the notion that your blood type dictates certain food preference patterns. There is no proof that having one blood type vs. another puts you at higher risk for developing certain allergies or intolerances to foods.

The book, Eat Right for Your Type, by Dr. Peter D’Adamo is the basis for most “blood type diets.” However, beyond this mainstream diet book there are no large-scale population studies or peer-reviewed publications citing the effectiveness of this or any similar diet. If you suspect that you have a food allergy, consult your physician. It’s a good idea to avoid self-prescribing dietary or supplemental therapies.

For further information on blood type diets see the following article from TheDietChannel: Blood Type Diet.

Katie Clark, MPH, RD
Contributing Expert

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