Bob Greene

Known for “Get with the Program!” and “Total Body Makeover” weight-loss programs and books, Bob Greene promotes a sensible, healthy, life-changing philosophy. Along with being an author, an exercise physiologist and a certified personal trainer, Bob Greene is one of the leading authorities on fitness and weight loss in America.

Bob Greene believes that the combination of regular exercise and healthy eating, as well as an emotional introspection and self-belief, prompts people to become stronger, healthier, and happier. His programs and books were created to yield long-lasting, healthy life changes for the good. They give dieters a chance to get started on the right path, a path that can be continued, even after the program ends.

Bob Greene’s Program
Bob Greene helped Oprah lose weight and keep it off. He continues to help people improve their lifestyles by trading-in existing plans and habits for healthier, more active ones. In his book, Get with the Program!, Greene proposes a four-phase plan that not only forces dieters to tackle losing weight, healthy eating, and increased fitness, but also promotes change in the dieter's self-perception.

  • The first phase to his weight-loss program is to make a commitment. The dieter signs a contract that expresses a commitment to staying on track with the program; its aim is to help people realize that they can lose weight and become healthier.
  • The next phase is to get in shape at a customized pace, in accordance with the contract. Among many other benefits, this will increase metabolism.
  • Phase three is where the habit of emotional eating is tackled and overcome. Discover reasons for emotional eating, and take charge of them. Then, find the self-control and truthful understanding to really make exercise a regular part of life.
  • Phase four puts everything together, fine-tuning the program where necessary. During this phase, poor food choices are replaced with healthier ones that are approved by the diet.

The combination of regular exercise, a proper diet, and emotional and self-understanding provides the dieter with a solid base from which to really lead a healthy, happy lifestyle.