The Bob Greene Diet

Overview of the Bob Green Plan

Bob Greene's Get With the Program is not a diet, but rather an eating and exercise plan that focuses on getting rid of emotional and haphazard eating as well as making exercise an important part of followers' lifestyles. The plan does not recommend drastic changes to what we eat, but rather focuses on really understanding what we put in our mouths and why. Get With the Program focuses on health, sensible eating choices and lifestyle decisions that are intended to be followed throughout one's life.

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Foods You Can Eat on the Bob Green Plan

This plan stresses healthy eating and making sure you get all the fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods you need. This eating plan doesn't contain as many "good” and "bad” foods as other plans, but it does encourage making eating an organized and enjoyable event.

Foods You Can't Eat on the Bob Green Plan

This diet stresses eating only when you're hungry, and making healthy food choices. Haphazard and emotional eating are both strongly discouraged. There are not as many noticeable food restrictions as there are with some other "diets,” mainly because Get With The Program is not so much a diet as an attempt to change peoples' attitudes towards food. For example, choosing between a healthy glass of orange juice over a 450+ calorie mocha.

The Bob Green Plan Eating Options

So long as followers eat only when they're actually hungry, make sensible food choices and incorporate lots of exercise into their daily routines, there are not drastic or specific food recommendations with this plan. Advice is given about the types of foods to avoid as well as the types of food one should try to eat more of.

What Are the Exercise Recommendations on the Bob Green Plan?

This eating plan recommends getting into a routine fitness regimen before trying to reduce calorie intake or change eating habits. Upping physical activity often results in efforts to eat healthier, because as positive body results are noticed, people tend to eat healthier as well. This eating plan really focuses on combining both eating and exercising and integrating both to produce a healthy lifestyle.

The Bob Green Plan: Number of Dieters

Exact numbers are difficult to come by, but as this diet is being supported by Bob Greene, Oprah's personal trainer, the diet has surely risen in popularity.

The Bob Green Plan Post-Diet Weight Maintenance

Plans Get With the Program is not really a "diet,” so there is no "post-diet” weight maintenance plan to speak of. Instead, this plan focuses on changing both eating and exercising habits for a person's entire life. That way, any weight changes or improvements in eating habits may be maintained long-term.