Body Shaping: 4 Week Program For Swimsuit Season

By Adam Kessler, CSCS

Summer is fast approaching. Without fail, right around Memorial Day people begin asking me what they can to do to look great in their bathing suits for the upcoming swimsuit season. Unfortunately, this leaves us little time. It seems that during the previous six months these people forgot that the health club was open (!). Don’t worry; all is not lost. Let’s just say we’ve got four weeks to work a small miracle.

The 4 week swimsuit exercise program

To start out, you need to get on an exercise program. Now, with only four weeks to shape up, this means you’re going to have to workout hard—and often. You’ll probably have to spend more time in the gym than you are accustomed to. Believe me, it will be worth it. We must start burning body fat and shaping those muscles as quickly as possible.

1.   Strength training

Your strength-training routine will be as follows: You will work out four times a week. Twice a week you will do lower body and abdominal exercises; the other two times you will do upper body exercises. You mustn’t go easy on your workouts either. For each of your exercises, you should do three sets with 12-15 repetitions each. You’re working on developing muscle to increase your metabolism, which in turn will help you burn off extra body fat and shape your body.

2.   Cardiovascular training

Your cardiovascular training is the key to burning off body fat. Remember, though, that if you neglect your strength training program, this portion will almost be useless. Together, strength training and cardiovascular exercise combine to make your body into a fat burning machine. And it keeps burning fat for much longer than the time you spent exercising. Try to do some cardio at least five to seven days a week. Don’t worry about where your heart rate should be. Just make sure that you’re working out at an intensity that pushes you…but not so much that you’re gasping for breath! Your cardio routine should be between 30 and 45 minutes long, depending on your fitness level.

The 4 week swimsuit eating program

You can make some dramatic changes in four weeks, but it is vital that you are disciplined. First of all, eat five to six times a day. This means eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus two snacks in between. During these four weeks, focus on getting a little protein at all your meals (lean meats, fish, or chicken). Do not eliminate carbohydrates, though. You also need a starchy carbohydrate (whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, fruits, or potato) and a fibrous carbohydrate (any vegetable) at each meal in addition to the protein.

Make your snacks high-protein. Protein takes more calories to burn, therefore it increases your metabolism. The last two weeks, you might want to substitute another fibrous carbohydrate for the starchy carbohydrate. This strategy will help you gain a lean look.

Create healthy habits to last a lifetime

Ideally, you should follow a healthy lifestyle every day. This program won’t give you the results you would see if you’d been exercising the last six months. However, you will definitely see some changes. By following the prescription very closely for four weeks, you can get a desirable body that makes you feel very comfortable putting on your swimsuit and being the envy of everyone.