Body For Life Diet

Body for Life is a diet and exercise program created by Bill Phillips, the founder of EAS, a company that makes nutritional supplements. Designed for the serious body sculptor, the Body for Life Diet is 12 weeks of dieting and intense activity. The active principle behind this rigorous diet and fitness program is that people will stick to programs that they see fast results from. It is designed to give you lots of energy so it includes a fair amount of calories. People who stick to this program should experience gradual, healthy weight loss.

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The Body for Life Diet Menu and Supplements

The diet associated with this program is high in protein. Some people may use supplements to make sure they get enough protein (Phillips recommends supplements produced by his company, naturally). With or without additional supplements, the nutritional approach is sound. Multiple small meals are recommended—six small meals per day, starting off with complex carbohydrates in the morning. Eating in multiple small meals per day accomplishes the following:

  • Keeps energy levels stable by avoiding insulin spikes associated with large meals
  • Avoids a "starvation response" where your body, deprived of food too long, begin to hoard fat and burn muscle
  • Constant, steady supply of nutrients encourages muscle building, which elevates metabolism

Low fat protein sources such as chicken, fish, and lean red meat are usually eaten throughout the day. Complex carbohydrates are recommended in the form of potatoes, brown rice, fruit, and a host of others. Vegetables may be eaten in quantity, as they are rich in nutrients and comparatively low in calories. Phillips makes meal selection easy by providing guidelines for meals, rather than a strict menu that one must follow. He recommends that each meal consist of a portion of protein approximately the size and thickness of the palm of your hand, and a fist-sized portion of carbohydrates, along with vegetables. Overall, the diet recommended by this program ends up being about 40%-50% protein, 40%-50% carbohydrate, and minimal fat.

Exercise is key to the Body for Life Diet

People considering this program need to be ready to make a serious commitment to exercise. The program included 45 minutes of weight training three days a week, and at least 20 minutes of cardio exercise three days a week. The seventh day of each week is a day off in every sense—no exercise, and you get to eat whatever you want. The cumulative effect of this aggressive approach to exercise is to raise your metabolism, burn fat, and build muscle.

The success of the Bill Phillips Body for Life Diet

When compared to many other diets, the Bill Phillips' Body for Life Diet is much more balanced. The program as a whole works because it relies on the scientifically verified concept of "energy balance"—burning more calories per day than you eat causes your body to draw energy from stored fat, resulting in weight loss. Because portion size is small, total calories consumed on this diet tend to be lower than a normal daily average. Additionally, the exercise program promotes fat burning and muscle building.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

Body for Life is a diet plan that emphasizes portion control, exercise, and a balanced diet. If you are looking to exercise a lot, this could be for you. One great alternative to consider is Denise Austin's Fit Forever diet. Though certainly not identical, it combines a focus on diet and exercise.

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Denise Austin Fit Forever!

Denise Austin Fit Forever!

Denise Austin promotes a sensible, realistic, and enthusiastic approach to fitness and eating. She works out only 30 minutes a day and never skips a meal! Her health and fitness philosophies have won her countless fans throughout the United States, from whom she receives more than 10,000 letters and emails a week. When you watch Denise on television, read her books, or follow her videos, you can't help feeling like she's there with you cheering you on. At 5 feet 4 inches and 120 pounds, Denise has been named America's favorite fitness expert. She gets the energy to tackle challenges and achieve her success from the gratification of knowing she makes a difference in people's lives and inspires them to feel better about themselves.