Buns Of Steel: Best Butt Exercises For Summer

Monday, December 18, 2006 - 3:54pm

By Michele Silence, MA

Summer is coming and you need to shape up your rear, whether you have a flat butt or a big butt. This time you’re serious and want to see real results. What works best to target the gluteals for buns of steel?

Experts say the following are the best butt exercises are for a great derriere: These are not boot camp exercises--combined, they simply make up the best butt workout. Do these butt lift exercises regularly to increase strength, build muscle mass, develop tone and burn more calories.

Exercise #1: Lunges

  • Stand upright.
  • Take a giant step forward, bringing the back knee down close to the ground. In one movement, bring the leg back in to the starting position.
  • Repeat on the same leg unless you have troublesome knees. In that case, alternate legs.

Safety Tip:
Step far enough out with each step so that the knee ends at a right angle. If the step is not long enough, the knee will bend too much and put dangerous stress on the joint. For safety, be sure your knee is over your ankle, not extending over your toes.

Exercise #2: Hip extensions

  • Begin on your elbows and knees.
  • Pull the abdominal area in so that the back is flat and not sagging.
  • Lift one leg towards the ceiling until there is a straight line from the knee to your shoulders.
  • Bring the leg back down.
  • Repeat on the same leg, then do a set on the other

Safety Tip: Be careful to avoid swinging the leg. Stop for a moment at the beginning and end of each lift. Keep the abdominals held in tightly for the entire length of the exercise. Holding the abdominals tight protects the back.

Exercise #3: Single set squats

  • Stand on a bench with one leg hanging off the back.
  • Bring the free leg down towards the ground.
  • Return to first position.
  • Repeat on same leg, then the other.

Safety Tip: Make sure the bench you’re standing on is not too high. When you step down the knee should bend to a right angle only. If the knee bends more than that, you’re putting undue stress on the joint.

Exercise #4: Step ups

  • Stand on the ground next to the bench used above.
  • Use one leg to step up onto the bench.
  • Keep the other leg off the bench.
  • Return to starting position.
  • Repeat on the same leg, then do on the other.

Safety Tip: Make sure the knee on the bench is at a right angle before you step up. If the foot is higher you could overstress the joint. If the foot is lower than the knee, the exercise won’t be as effective.

Exercise the whole body - don’t focus on one area (spot reduction)

Keep in mind, no amount of strength training is going to help you spot reduce. Spot reduction is a myth. Fat burns from all over the body, not just in the areas that are exercised. Aerobic exercise (walking, biking, running, swimming, running) is necessary to burn off the fat stores that blanket the entire body. Well-toned muscles can only be seen once the layer of fat that sits on top of them is gone. So if you really want buns of steel, combine strength exercises with aerobic activity for the best results.