Caveman Diet

The Caveman Diet is modeled after what our ancient ancestors ate in prehistoric times. It places a lot of emphasis on protein and takes a step away from cultivated products such as rice and bread. This diet is similar to the Atkins diet as it is mostly protein and fatty foods.

What’s On the Caveman Diet Menu?

One example of a typical day includes: breakfast—a grapefruit and a glass of orange juice; lunch—a tossed salad and all of the nuts you can eat; snacks—as many apples as you desire; dinner—all the chicken you can stomach, along with two servings of vegetables. From this example, it's easy to see what the diet would be like over a prolonged period of time.

Problems with the Caveman Diet

This diet tends to lead to an unhealthy amount of fat consumption. Beyond that, it isn't very balanced in terms of vitamins. Since it is very low on carbs, it can also make people feel very tired and weak.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

The caveman diet is essentially a prehistoric version of Atkins. Cut carbs and eat protein. The whole notion of cutting carbs always seems to me to be a back door way of saying "reduce portion size." If a person cuts carbs out of a meal and doesn't replace all the calories with something else, they just reduced calories right? Cut portions.....sound familiar? Try the Sonoma Diet, or South Beach.

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Sonoma Diet

Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet is a unique weight loss plan that brings together, for the first time, the art and science of food. The appreciation and enjoyment of flavorful meals makes for a healthy eating style that becomes second nature. Simple instructions for the amounts and combinations of food make the plate your guide - and it was all designed so that you can shed pounds safely and easily until you reach your target weight.

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet

This hugely popular diet promises diligent followers an initial weight loss of 8-13 pounds in the first two weeks. The emphasis is on avoiding highly processed carbohydrates, such as those found in baked goods, breads, snacks and soft drinks. Divided into three phases, the diet gradually reintroduces some initially forbidden foods. One premise of the diet is that low-fat prepared foods can be a bad idea except in the case of low-fat cheese, milk and yogurt. Exercise is not emphasized with this diet.