Curves Women's Fitness: General Info

Curves, a fitness center designed for women, was the fastest growing U.S. franchise chain in 2005. It has established centers throughout the Americas and in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. A typical Curves occupies only 1,200 square feet and features just 10 to 12 machines. This small size helps to maintain a simple and affordable workout environment that has come to appeal to many older women who feel less physically fit.

What's different about the Curves fitness center?

Curves builds its fitness regimen around a typical 90 minute workout, designed to be completed instead in just 30 minutes. The workout consists of a circuit of a short warm-up and hydraulic exercise machine regimen, all cued by a company soundtrack. The machines are arranged in a somewhat sociable circle to encourage a conversational atmosphere. With no intimidating aerobics classes, no mirrors, and no men, Curves is built around an easy and accessible workout opportunity. Women who aren’t comfortable exercising around men or even very fit women can find solace in an environment that consists only of women like them. A program like Curves can possibly even cater to the needs of pregnant women, as the company's fitness advisors are all trained and qualified professionals.

Curves: proven health benefits through research 

Baylor University, partnering with the Curves program, found a significant benefit of the franchise’s exercise regimen in a series of eight research studies. It found that sedentary and overweight women following the Curves program were able to massively increase their resting energy expenditure by as much as 400 kilocalories per day. After 10 weeks of dieting and participating in the Curves exercise routine, women were able to lose weight, raise their metabolic rate, and eat as many as 2,600 calories a day while still maintaining their weight loss. They also lost fat, gained muscle and strength, improved their blood pressure readings, resting heart rates, and aerobic fitness.