Denise Austin

With over 25 years of promoting health and fitness, Denise Austin is known as one of America’s top fitness experts. Featured in dozens of exercise DVDs and videos, and as the host of two Lifetime TV fitness shows, Denise Austin is a regular columnist for Prevention magazine and an accomplished author of a number of published fitness books. In addition to her newer “Fit & Lite” TV fitness show, “Denise Austin’s Daily Workout” is the longest running fitness show on TV. Denise Austin Online also offers a number of tools and tips for healthy eating as well as becoming and staying fit. It also contains a personalized online fitness and eating plan.

Denise Austin and the Realistic Diet Plan
Denise Austin’s philosophy to fitness and eating is down-to-earth. Her program offers realistic goals and realistic advice. In her online exercise and diet plan, “Fit Forever!” she combines getting fit, healthy eating, and feeling great. If you sign up online, you receive basic information that can be customized, depending on your fitness level and the focus of the fitness (e.g. midsection, lower body, or upper body). Daily routines are recommended, as are certain exercises. The meal plan consists of either 1400, 1600, or 1800 calories a day, depending on what is most appropriate for you. Potential meal plans are set. A database of recipes is located on the Web site. Everyday, subscribers receive motivational e-mails, success stories, and tips to help them get through the program.

The Denise Austin Workouts
Daily 30-minute workouts, accompanied by regular healthy meals, are the main concepts behind her philosophy. Not only is exercising essential to physically fitness, but it also increases energy and self-esteem while lowering weight and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Denise Austin's workouts and books target all types of people, from the over-40 crowd to pregnant women to people who simply want to loose weight or have strong legs. She offers advice and shows on all types of workouts and fitness programs, and even has a signature line of shoes and sportswear as well as a green tea skin care line called Skin Fit for Life.