Links To Food, Recipe & Diet Analysis Tools

  • University of Illinois - An excellent diet analyzer. An extensive database of foods. You can get a nutritional analysis of the calories, protein, carbs, fat, saturated fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals in the foods you've eaten. This will be compared against your RDA for these nutrients. If your analysis shows you are lacking in certain nutrients, you can get recommendations of foods to add to your diet to compensate.
  • USDA Nutrient Database - If you can't find an analysis of the food you're looking for on any of the sites above, chances are you'll find it here. An extensive database of 5,900 foods including brand names can be found here with analysis of just about every nutrient imaginable.
  • NutritionData - Get a nutrition analysis of just about any of your favorite foods, including pre-packaged and fast food. You can even assemble a recipe, including approximate measurements, for a complete nutritional analysis and calorie summary.