Diet Divas

his is a membership diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Getting on the diet is a matter of becoming a member, which will cost you $29.00. Diet Divas also sells shakes and protein bars to assist you in your high protein diet. They claim to help people lose weight in a rapid manner.

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Diet Divas: The diet to burn fat fast

Upon starting this diet, you can eat all of the protein you want. You may also eat fruit and vegetables. This phase usually lasts between 3 and 7 days. The purpose of it is to put your body in a state that will enable it to burn fat faster. After this phase you will go on a strict diet with the optional addition of Diet Divas shakes and protein bars.

Diet Divas costs and benefits

The Diet Divas plan can help people lose 2-5 pounds a week. You are allowed to eat real food along with the supplements, but you do have to become a member to get on this plan, which can result in a relatively large investment over time as you may continue to purchase shakes and bars.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

Diet Divas in a sense combines some of the pro-protein and anti-carb theories of Atkins with the meal plan ideas of Slim Fast.

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Slim-Fast Plan

Slim-Fast Plan

Slim-Fast is a weight-management program that combines its Slim-Fast brand meals and snacks with a single sensible meal to achieve long-term weight loss results. The Slim-Fast program is centered on four pillars: A flexible system and personalized support that helps to maintain an essential nutrition diet and to stick to a lifestyle activity. Through Slim-Fast caloric-reduced meals and snacks, combined with other healthy foods and daily exercise, more calories are burned than consumed, and weight loss is achieved.