Drugs: General Info

These days, it seems like a new diet drug fad begins every few months. Everyone wants to lose weight the easy way, but there is no miracle pill that will burn the fat while you sit around watching television and eating junk food. What happened to exercising and eating a well-balanced diet to become fit and healthy? Where did good old hard work, perseverance, and self-control go?

Diet Drug Side-Effects

The diet drug industry is a multi-billion dollar business that makes empty promises to people hoping to lose weight while putting in as little effort as possible. Catch phrases such as "totally safe," "no side-effects," and "all-natural" are all false claims. Do not be a victim of advertising hype. The two most popular types of diet drugs out on the market are ones that claim to either boost your metabolism with herbal ingredients or block fats and carbohydrates from entering your system. Many of these so-called "natural diet supplements" that aid weight loss will cause jittery nerves, inability to focus, or even potentially severe heart and liver conditions.

FDA-Approved Diet Drugs

If a new diet drug sounds appealing, wait a few months for the initial craze to die down. Many advertisements will claim that it is a limited time offer, but you should never feel pressure to purchase something that has neither been tested nor approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Research the ingredients used to make the pill. If you have any questions, consult a pharmacist or doctor. Follow any news stories on the product to determine the effectiveness as well as possible side-effects, especially if you already have an existing medical condition.

Taking Diet Drugs

If you do take diet drugs, be sure to seek advice from a physician. If taking other types of medication concurrently, find out if the drugs are compatible with each other. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. Ingesting more than the suggested amount may trigger some serious health issues later on. Herbal ingredients may be natural, but they are not FDA regulated. Therefore, there is no veracity to the claims of the diet pill manufacturer. No diet pills deliver what they promise. If you take a diet pill that causes harmful side-effects, be sure to report it to the FDA immediately.

It is impossible to safely lose a pound a day and expect to keep it off for good. Taking pills instead of eating food is not the right way to go. Although you may shed some pounds initially, all of the weight lost will return once you stop taking the diet pills.