Exercise DVDs: General Info

Exercise DVDs and videos offer individuals convenient fitness training programs and classes in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. The variety of programs available today is enormous and includes sessions from Pilates, yoga, tae bo, and kickboxing to dance steps, belly dancing, sculpting, and aerobics. One of the most important considerations in choosing a workout DVD is whether it is well-rounded, and if the end results will give you what you want. A well-rounded program should include cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and flexibility training. If you only want to concentrate on a single body part, those options are also available. For instance, there are plenty of 30-minture abs workouts. However, if you are looking for a good overall workout, be sure to choose a program with all three components. And, if you are looking for a single result, find the missing components of a well-rounded workout elsewhere.

What are the benefits of an exercise DVD (video)?

There are a number of benefits to using exercise DVDs. First, they are convenient. Excuses do not work, as you no longer have to brave inclement weather to reach the gym. Feelings of self-consciousness no longer matter because there is no one else around. The cost of basic exercise equipment plus a nice collection of exercise DVDs is less expensive than most annual gym memberships. Second, successful videos are taught by experienced and up-to-date teachers like Billy Blanks, Leslie Sansone, Denise Austin, and Kathy Smith. And, you can rewind the parts of the DVD on which you want to spend more time.

And are there any disadvantages of an exercise DVD (video)?

Of course, there are disadvantages to using exercise DVDs, too. There are some bad exercise DVDs on the market; these may be older or led by celebrities or other people who are not expert trainers. If you want a celebrity video, choose a celebrity with fitness expertise or one who teams up with an expert trainer. A major problem of following along with an exercise DVD is the fact that there is no one with you in person. In other words, no one will be there to correct bad form or ensure that you get the most effective treatment possible. Sections on the DVD, especially the stretching warm up and cool down sections, can easily be cut short. After you watch a DVD for long enough, it may even become too repetitive and boring. Mix it up, or alternate by building a collection of DVDs. When buying exercise DVDs, choose programs that you find interesting, and that make you sweat. Exercise DVDs and videos are not for everyone, but they have proven effective for many people.