Exercise Videos: General Info

Regular physical activity can not only keep an individual fit and trim, but can also help lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. Physical activity, including aerobics, dancing, yoga stretching, and weight training, can be done in a gym or a studio, as well as using exercise DVDs and videos inside the home.

The Structure of Exercise Videos

There are a variety of videos available within fitness categories ranging from aerobic and cardiovascular to strength training to flexibility; some regimes may include all three. Exercise DVDs and videos should also be labeled to indicate the level that the program is geared toward, including beginner, intermediate, or advanced, and should be limited to appropriate time lengths that reflect those levels. A video may also have different levels of difficulty presented throughout the routine in order to have one program that simultaneously appeals to all fitness levels.

Exercise Video Disclaimers

At times, particular equipment, such as free weights, a step, or other simple exercise accessories, may be required; this should also be clearly labeled on the box. Programs that feature a certified instructor are more likely to adhere to safe and correctly executed motions in order to avoid injury, rather than those videos led by a celebrity host or hostess. In addition, always read the small print on any tapes that claim to allow dramatic change in little time, or great change in one particular area of the body. Most often, this type of weight loss occurs in conjunction with a sensible diet and lifestyle change; it cannot be obtained through a few minutes of movement.

Perfect Positions and Poses

Exercise videos can be rented at the video store, borrowed from a library, purchased online or found at a media outlet. Recently, exercise videos featuring Yoga and Pilates techniques are on the rise; both involve strengthening and toning through low-impact stretching. The positions required for some of these poses are integral to obtaining the full benefit of the program. It is often important to watch the video once through in order to ensure correct positioning and avoid injury.