Fitness Magazines: General Info

A plethora of health and fitness magazines that cater to both men and women exist today. They cover issues ranging from general wellness to fitness, nutrition, and beauty, as well as physical, emotional, and spiritual strength and flexibility. Fitness magazine contains monthly features on fitness, beauty, general health, diet and nutrition, the mind and spirit, and personal relationships.

Women's Fitness and Health Magazines

The market for women's health magazines is particularly stiff, with many publications folding as they are driven out by the competition. Many female-oriented and diet titles have posted declines in their circulation. Periodicals like Slimming World and Weight Watchers that partner with weight-loss programs have a distinct advantage in the market, as the publications can reach nearly 500,000 people between them. Shape, one of the most popular fitness magazines for women, features articles on eating well, getting into shape, and beauty concerns. Self provides content in beauty, health and happiness, fitness, nutrition, and style. Health, a bi-monthly magazine, provides information on food, fitness, beauty, and wellness. Family Circle is concerned with family health issues having to do with diet, nutrition, beauty and fitness.

Men's Fitness and Health Magazines

Popular male magazines include Men's Health, a lifestyle magazine featuring men making proactive decisions to improve their lives. Men's Journal caters to active men driven by sports, travel, fitness, and adventure. Men's Fitness is written for active men and features stories on exercise and general health and nutrition. There are also a number of strictly bodybuilding magazines including Flex and Muscle & Fitness concerned with looking and feeling fit. The magazine Muscular Development, for example, sells itself as being the world's authority on building muscle and burning fat.

Magazines for both Men and Women

General magazines like Psychology Today examine both male and female emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Fashion magazines like Sportswear International reports on men's and women's casual and active sportswear. Food magazines like Cooking Light cater to those attempting to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle through their diets; they feature recipes and healthy cooking advice. Other magazines focus around an activity or form of exercise. There are yoga, sailing, and sports magazines, as well as online directories that can give you access to