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Grapes: Okay to eat them as a meal?

What about grapes? Are they good for a diet? What is good and bad about eating grapes as if it were lunch?

-Annette from Florida

A diet high in fruits and vegetables helps promote weight loss and prevents against certain types of cancer and other diseases. Grapes can be a healthful addition to a well-balanced diet. One cup of grapes has 60 calories. Their high water content makes them thirst quenching. 

Increasing fiber intake is an important concept when trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, grapes do not have as much fiber as other types of fruit. For example, a small, 60-calorie apple has 3-5 grams of fiber whereas 1 cup of grapes has only 1 gram of fiber. There is nothing harmful about eating grapes, but there is nothing magical about them either!

Katie Clark, MPH, RD
Contributing Expert

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