Hay Diet

Dr. Hay is an American physician who designed a diet that is based on daily digestive requirements. He feels that there are these requirements since different foods need different conditions in order to be properly digested.

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The Hay Diet Meal Plan

The basic rule of this diet is not to mix certain types of food with others. Starches and sugar are never to be eaten with protein and acidic fruits. Vegetables, fruits and salads are a major part of the diet and will be eaten frequently. If you are going to eat protein, starches and fats, they should be eaten in small quantities. Only wholegrain starches should be used, however. In terms of timing, people should wait at least 4 hours between eating different types of food groups.

A complicated diet

This type of diet can be hard to follow as there are many complicated charts outlining the do's and don'ts. Also, food combining is based upon loose scientific principles; there is no concrete proof that a diet based upon mixing actually works.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

Loose scientific principles. "Hard to follow." Come now, who is really going to try this diet? If you really want something different, customize your own weight loss plan. eDiets offers a weight loss plan that allows you to customize the plan around your needs.

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eDiets Weight Loss Plan

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