Healthy Gifts: Help Your Loved Ones Shape Up In The New Year

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 - 11:04am

By Michele Silence, MA

This holiday season help your friends and family make positive lifestyle choices by giving them gifts that encourage good habits. Here are a few fitness gift ideas to make your holiday shopping easier.

Gift certificates for healthy activities

The great thing about gift certificates is that they’re so versatile. Possible choices include fitness classes, exercise equipment and other action-oriented gifts. These gifts lift spirits and bring back the fun of youth. A good idea is to ask the intended recipient what they activities they loved as kids. Then, buy a gift certificate related to that activity to rekindle pleasant memories.

Fitness assessment tools make good presents

Gadgets like pedometers, heart rate monitors and biofeedback devices are great ways to motivate people. They enable users to check up on progress and monitor daily improvements. For example, when most people use a pedometer and are able to see how many steps they take per day, they are compelled to do better the next day, competing against themselves. One tip: Whatever device you chose, make sure to purchase a good model; it will last longer and be easier to use. Oftentimes the cheaper devices are frustrating and easily broken.

Think about giving fitness apparel

Who doesn’t like a brand new pair of fitness shoes or new athletic clothes? Buying someone a whole new exercise outfit may be just what they need to start taking their first fitness steps. Just make sure it’s a style that they like. A bright blue Velour jumpsuit may be just the ticket for Jack LaLanne but maybe not for your father.

Personal training session gifts can rekindle a fitness programme

Tons of people have gym memberships they never use. A great way to get them back in the gym is to purchase a few personal training sessions for them. It’ll help them set up a routine they can practice. The great thing about trainers is they make people feel responsible for meeting fitness goals and following through with each exercise. Even if the routine is performed less than enthusiastically, the results usually motivate people to stick to their routines.

Give a gym membership: but with care and consideration

A membership at a health club can be a very encouraging gift. It can also be quite intimidating for the recipient. This is especially true if it has been years since the person has worked out. Moreover, some people have never even been inside a gym. The best way to encourage attendance is to buy a membership in a gym that is frequented by the recipient’s friends or acquaintances. This way, the recipient can go to the gym with a buddy. Also, since you can’t predict how the gift will go over, buy the recipient the minimal time allowed. Remember, though, to make it long enough for them to establish a regular pattern of exercise.

For further information on choosing a gym membership see the following article from TheDietChannel: Gym Membership: General Info.


These are just a few of the great gifts of health you can shower on those you love this holiday season. And remember, each person you help become healthier will benefit you in the long run—they’ll be more likely to be around and enrich you’re life for many years to come!