Healthy Heart Diet

Making sure your heart is healthy may add years to your life. The emphasis of the healthy heart diet is to give up certain types of foods that may cause heart complications. People who are interested should be willing to give up greasy and fattening foods. To some this may mean that you must be willing to give up the foods that taste really good.

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Limit the cholesterol in your diet

In order to have a healthy heart, you need to minimize the amount of cholesterol in your body. Cholesterol comes from the foods you eat and from your body itself. However, your body alone creates the appropriate amount of cholesterol for you, so it doesn't need any additional cholesterol from your food intake. In order to minimize the amount of cholesterol in your diet, you should limit the amount of red meat that you eat. Instead of red meat, you can eat fish and poultry. Use egg whites or substitutes instead of the whole egg. As a rule of thumb, if it's greasy, you probably shouldn't eat it.

The Healthy Heart Diet: a beneficial diet for anyone

Being successful at this diet can prevent a heart attack and a stroke. All in all, it should lead to a more healthy existence and give you more energy.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

The Heart Smart Diet is low-fat, high fiber, and promotes portion control. It's the best fit on our roster of diet plans. Another great alternative is the Cholesterol Lowering Diet.

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Heart Smart Diet

Heart Smart Diet

The Heart Smart Diet works to prevent some forms of heart disease and to lower cholesterol. The key is to keep the total calories consumed each day under control while eating more fruits and vegetables, avoiding saturated fats, replacing refined carbohydrates with whole grain fiber foods, and increasing physical activity.

Cholesterol Lowering Diet

Cholesterol Lowering Diet

This diet focuses on getting the dieter’s LDL (bad cholesterol) down and the HDL (good cholesterol) up by way of eliminating bad fats and incorporating the good fats found in avocados, nuts, fish and other healthy foods. Though cholesterol may be lowered by other methods, this diet is based upon the idea that incorporating healthy food choices can help lower a person’s cholesterol levels much faster.