Herbalife Diet

The Herbalife Diet does not have strict guidelines in terms of what to eat. It is monetarily motivated, and that alone can make some people skeptical. For the most part, people will drink Herbalife shakes and take Herbalife pills. The diet has no set amount of time, as people are generally on the diet until they achieve their weight loss goals.

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A daily regimen of Herbalife Products

The protein drinks substitute for two meals per day. You will also need to take the multivitamins and herbal tablets. You are only allowed one meal a day, which should be sensible and balanced. For breakfast and lunch, you would have the Herbalife shake as well as 2 cell activator capsules and a multivitamin. For dinner you will eat actual food and have 2 activator capsules and a multivitamin.

Costs of the Herbalife Diet

This is a very costly diet, as people can pay up to $4-5 per day. A definite upside to this diet is that it allows you to eat whatever you want for dinner. This diet also has a high rate of customer satisfaction, but people should keep in mind that this diet is out there to make money.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

Herbalife may be for-profit but then what diet plan isn't? Just beacuse something makes money doesn't automatically mean it's bad. That said, if you are looking for a meal plan diet where you eat specific food supplied by the diet plan, consider Slim Fast or eDiets Weight Loss Meal Plan as well. You need to choose the one that is affordable for your budget and whose snacks and meals are most appealing to you.

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Slim-Fast Plan

Slim-Fast Plan

Slim-Fast is a weight-management program that combines its Slim-Fast brand meals and snacks with a single sensible meal to achieve long-term weight loss results. The Slim-Fast program is centered on four pillars: A flexible system and personalized support that helps to maintain an essential nutrition diet and to stick to a lifestyle activity. Through Slim-Fast caloric-reduced meals and snacks, combined with other healthy foods and daily exercise, more calories are burned than consumed, and weight loss is achieved.

eDiets Weight Loss Plan

eDiets Weight Loss Plan

Though eDiets.com hosts a number of different diets on their site, they also propose one of their own. The eDiets Plan is a highly personalized and customized diet plan meant to take into account every individual's different needs and goals. Whatever a person's tastes, preferences and dietary needs, this plan may be customized accordingly. Also, the plan may be changed at any time and is noted for its wide variety and good balance.