10 Home Fitness Products Worth Checking Out

These days everyone is looking to get in shape and lose a few pounds. The following is a list of home workout tools that are actually worth checking out:

Exercise Balls: Exercise balls are a great tool to use to develop your ever-important core strength. They can be used for abdominal training, weight training, flexibility, yoga, and pilates exercises. Check out the Professional 75cm Anti-Burst Ball or choose from a variety of exercise balls.

Exercise Ball Chair - If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk using a computer, consider buying an exercise ball chair. Be realistic. The human body was not designed to sit for 10 hours a day. Even people using the best ergonomic desk chairs are prone to poor posture. Exercise ball chairs force your body to make small adjustments all day, slowly strengthening your postural muscles, gluteals, abdominals, and leg muscles. We suggest checking out the FitBALL Chair or choose from a variety of exercise ball chairs.

Pilates Magic Circle - Also known as exercise rings or fitness circles, the Pilates Magic Circle is a 13 inch flexible ring made of rubber or metal with small pads on either side. This device is a dream come true for people who need to stretch and gain flexibility.  Using the tool to provide resistance, users can gain both strength and flexibility. A great tool for those who need daily stretching to alleviate back pain. Worth every penny. See other exercise rings.

Yoga Mat - For use at yoga class or at home, yoga mats are ideal for those who attend regular yoga classes and well... just don't want to roll around on a community mat used by who knows how many people. At home, yoga mats are ideal to keep your sweat off the carpet. And any regular yoga practitioner can attest to the value in not rolling around on cold hard wood floors or scratchy carpets. Shop for yoga mats.

Ab Machines - Let's be honest, six-pack abs are not acquired simply by doing abdominal work. They are the result of ab exercises, a healthy, low fat diet, and good genetic luck. That said, strengthening your core muscles is always a good thing. If you like working with machines and have the space at home, an ab machine can be an ideal home workout tool. Tip: Try doing 20 reps on the ab machine during commercial breaks while watching TV. If you want a high quality machine, check out the Multisports Fitness Pro ROM Series Ab and Back Exercise Machine or choose from a large selection of ab machines of various quality and prices.

Treadmills - At the Diet Channel we are big fans of treadmills for cardiovascular workouts.  They provide a soft landing for your joints, you can control the speed and elevation, you can walk/run in any weather, and you can watch Oprah while you get in your 60 minute walk. The Spirit Fold-Up Treadmill is one worth checking out or you can find a gaggle of treadmill options, some expensive, some not.

Wrist Weights - If used properly, wrist and ankle weights can be a great way to build strength. It's advised to seek out the advice of a professional fitness trainer on the proper ways to use these so that you avoid injury. In the meantime, check out the Spri Ankle & Wrist Weights.

Exercise Bikes - Another favorite at the Diet Channel, stationary bikes come in many forms and are a great tool for cardio workouts and building leg strength.  More importantly, bikes are a low impact exercise and therefore easier on the joints. Our suggestion is the Schwinn Recumbent Bike but their are many options from which to choose.

StairMaster - For those people really looking to get in shape, the StairMaster is an old friend.  Good for cardio and building leg strength. There are many different stair climbing machines from which to choose so finding one to fit your needs and budget should not be hard.