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Indoor activities: What are good exercises for the winter months?

What can I do for exercise now that the days are getting shorter?

-Catherine from Vermont

With the changing seasons, there are a variety of fitness workouts you can do. Indoor activities add variety and protection from the elements during the harsher, darker winter months.

Try ice skating at a rink, group exercise classes in health clubs, and indoor swimming at the local YMCA. Dancing is a great way to keep moving and have fun too. Check the schedules of local community and/or park and recreation centers. Mall walking is another popular alternative when being outside is not an option. And, don’t forget there’s a gamut of exercise videos that can pull you through a few months of darkness.

Remember, if you normally run or walk and enjoy it, there’s really no need to abandon that activity through the winter months. You can change the time of day to adjust for light and wear appropriate footwear. If it’s raining you can still go outside, just wear a lightweight clear plastic poncho which will keep you dry. Also, if it isn’t too cold, running in the rain is refreshing as long as you get home quick and shower to warm-up.

Michele Silence, MA
Contributing Expert

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