Irritable Bowel Syndrome Diet

About 15% of Americans have irritable bowel syndrome, and it is often considered incurable. However, doctors have developed a specific diet to control the symptoms. The idea that a certain diet might help revolves around the notion that certain foods trigger the symptoms. It isn't just one type of food that consistently triggers the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, but a combination of a certain types of foods.

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Foods that bring on the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

Traditionally any food high in fat, insoluble fiber, caffeine, coffee, and/or alcohol may in fact bring about the symptoms. Most of the aforementioned foods are either stimulants or irritants. Such types of foods often produce violent reactions within your gastro-intestinal system. Such reactions often result in pain, constipation, gas, and bloating.

What is involved in the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Diet

This diet isn't as stringent as you might initially think. It's not asking you to deprive yourself of everything. It also isn't asking you to forsake restaurant food and resort to eating bland food. What is important is to realize what foods make your bowels irritable and to use that awareness to prevent discomfort.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

If you have dietary needs why not customize your own diet around them? eDiets gives you that option and I love that about their weight loss plan. Either that or, assuming fiber isn't your problem, perhaps try the High Fiber diet.

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eDiets Weight Loss Plan

eDiets Weight Loss Plan

Though hosts a number of different diets on their site, they also propose one of their own. The eDiets Plan is a highly personalized and customized diet plan meant to take into account every individual's different needs and goals. Whatever a person's tastes, preferences and dietary needs, this plan may be customized accordingly. Also, the plan may be changed at any time and is noted for its wide variety and good balance.

High Fiber Diet

High Fiber Diet

This diet focuses on foods high in fiber. The diet is intended to fill users up without making them gain weight. The high-fiber diet is said to stabilize blood sugar, lower cancer risk and control the appetite. As users will discover, this diet can contain much more than bland oatmeal and other grain. A large variety of healthy and delicious foods are high in fiber, and this diet attempts to highlight them.