Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenny Craig plan has been around for years, and seems to be at the forefront of successful weight loss stories. The plan is well balanced, offers one-on-one counseling, portion-controlled Jenny's Cuisine food items, and other options that make it a worthy system for weight management. The program focuses on the following areas:

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1. Food on the Jenny Craig Diet

Clients are educated about nutrition, taught how to plan meals, and given strategies for eating in restaurants and occasionally "splurging" on junk food.

2. Jenny Craig Diet: Body and physical activty also important

The importance of physical activity is emphasized. To ensure success, current activity levels and time constraints are taken into consideration.

3. Mind and motivation are also key on the Jenny Craig Diet

The program encourages surrounding oneself with supportive people and stresses the importance of positive affirmation as key elements in maintaining long-term motivation.

Participation in the program involves eating Jenny Craig food, meeting with a counselor once a week, and exercising. Clients are taught how to plan nutritious, varied meals that incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nonfat dairy products. To help clients meet long-term weight loss goals, the program focuses on learning healthy eating habits, while enjoying all foods in moderation.

This is a well balanced and healthy route to shedding pounds. The meals are tasty and easy to prepare, and there's plenty of support for those in need. Anyone considering Jenny Craig should take full advantage of the education element to translate their weight loss successes into healthy lifestyle changes for long term weight management. Another very similar option listed below is the Nutrisystem diet.