LA Fitness: General Info

LA Fitness is a large-scale sports club company based in Irvine, California, and operating in over one hundred locations across the country including the Pacific coast, Arizona and Texas, and parts of the southeast and New England. Many of its centers are quite sizable, in particular a 45,000 square foot facility in Dallas. The company is reportedly planning to embark on a heavy expansion within the next few years, investing seven to eight million dollars per site in at least a dozen new locations, primarily in large urban areas.

What does LA Fitness offer?

Services offered include: personalized cross-training; aerobic programs for both beginning and seasoned athletes, racquetball and basketball courts; classes for indoor cycling, step aerobics, kick boxing, dance, yoga, tai chi, and mat pilates; facilities for swimming pools, spas, and saunas; as well as drop-off daycare for members to place their children during workouts.

The company also offers competitive league play and tournaments for various sporting events, some with cash awards. Such exhibitions are professionally operated, using timekeepers and certified referees.

In addition, the franchise offers special training camps for dedicated players seeking to improve their skills.

What are the membership fees and rules?

The chain offers relatively inexpensive monthly fees (often around $35, depending on location) without requiring extended contracts, as is the case with many health clubs. However, the company's policy of only accepting payment by monthly electronic debits has been somewhat controversial, and there are occasional complaints that the company is highly reluctant to cease billing once this process has begun.

In addition, two months of explicit written notice is required for cancellation of services, which some contend is the equivalent to a contract.

Is this the same as LA Fitness in the UK?

Somewhat confusingly, LA Fitness is also the name of one of the largest and most popular health clubs in the United Kingdom, which offers similar amenities to its American counterpart but is not otherwise connected.