Maker's Diet

Overview of the Maker's Diet

Followers of The Maker’s Diet adhere to eating the natural foods that God provided, and steer clear of unhealthy eating habits that do not benefit their health. The typical American diet consumed by families 100 years ago is a far cry from the way most families eat in our modern times. To remedy that, this diet provides a program on how to eat in accord with God and science in order to achieve vibrant health. The diet stresses the need to avoid corporate mono-agriculture and foods that contain chemical fertilizers and pesticides, or health consequences will inevitably result.

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What to eat on the Maker's Diet?

This plan lets you eat delicious foods likely to be the personal favorites of many. It stresses eating organic meats, fruits, and vegetables that come from clean sources. People are encouraged to follow the dietary regiments outlined in the Bible, and to eat food in its purest and most natural form. By obtaining the nutrition the human physiology was biochemically designed to utilize, health will flourish.

What not to eat on the Maker's Diet?

The Maker’s Diet has a few food restrictions, such as not eating shellfish, pork and bacon. But rather than giving you a list of types of foods you can’t eat, this diet mostly discourages the eating of processed foods, or foods that contain chemicals or pesticides. It also tells people to avoid eating when they’re emotionally upset, and to refrain from situations where it will be difficult to stick to the diet.

What are your eating options on the Maker's Diet?

This plan is more than just a diet. It describes itself as a “health experience,” and offers a complete health program that empowers individuals to change their lifestyle and meet their personal goals. The Maker’s Diet offers advice on planning meals, how to use ingredients, and where to shop for foods. It is based on a 40-day plan to increase physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Its online resource guide has tools to aid people in all aspects of their health and well being.

Maker's Diet: any exercise recommendations?

Exercise is a significant component of this diet. The plan makes the suggestion that how you exercise is just as important as how much you exercise. It stresses walking, rebounding, and functional fitness programs, and the importance of exercising in the sun.

How many people are following the Maker's Diet?

The Maker’s Diet was developed by Dr. Jordan Rubin, NMD, CNC. After suffering a serious bought with Crone’s Disease during his teenage years, he was left in a wheelchair and saw his body weight drop from 180 to 104 pounds. After receiving no solution from western and alternative medicine practitioners, Dr. Rubin came up with his own diet plan, The Maker’s Diet, which restored his health and saved his life. While it’s unknown how many people follow this program, it has garnered a great deal of attention in the national press, and Dr. Rubin has appeared on such television shows as Good Morning America.

Post Diet Weight Maintenance Plans

While many dieters have reported weight loss from following this program, other health benefits have been reported as well. People have reported better digestion, and improved mood, and overall greater health. While it may be effective as a 40-day weight loss plan, it is better utilized as a transition program to make lifestyle changes that an individual hopes to maintain on a long-term basis.