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Mediterranean diet: Will it help you lose weight?

Will I lose weight on the Mediterranean diet?

Mediterranean cuisine is heart healthy and seems to reduce cancer risk. The term Mediterranean diet really applies to the food pattern that provides these health benefits, rather than to a weight loss regimen. There is no predictable effect on weight loss. However, if you switch to a Mediterranean food plan, you might end up cutting calories by accident. This could happen if you typically consume lots of snack foods, sweets, fried foods and high fat meats. The Mediterranean plan emphasizes high fiber plant foods, which have a high satiety value. If you feel full, you’ll be less interested in snacks and sweets. The Mediterranean diet also recommends limits on red meats, so if your usual diet is heavy on cheeseburgers, you might end up eating fewer calories when you switch to different choices. The key ingredient here is YOU. Ultimately, the success of any new diet depends on your ability to successfully change your food choices.

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Donna Feldman, MS, RD
Contributing Expert

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