10 Natural Health Guidelines

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 - 2:46pm

By Wendy Hodsdon, ND

We all want to be healthy and to have a body that functions well and enables us to achieve our goals in the world. How can we support our health and optimal wellness? A good foundation of basic healthful choices can prioritize health, remove the reasons the body can not heal, and give the body the tools necessary to rebuild. These simple guidelines can make a world of difference.

#1: Prioritize your health

Make being healthy your priority. This means making the time to take care of yourself.

#2: See the whole body as connected

Your physical health is partly dependent on your mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health. Nourish all these aspects of yourself.

#3: Make the food you eat count

Your body wants nutrients in every bite you take. Eliminate empty calories (such as refined sugars and alcohol) that do not nourish your body.

#4: Drink clean water

Water washes the body inside and is necessary for cells and nerves to work properly. Filtered spring water that is free of chemicals provides the best opportunity for cleansing. Drink lots of clean water.

#5: Exercise everyday

Moving the body moves the fluids that carry toxins out of joints and the spaces between the cells. The lymphatic system requires muscular contraction to function and detoxify. Find an activity you like and practice it regularly.

#6: Get outside everyday

Even if it is not sunny, natural daylight supports hormonal function and can improve sleep. It can also lighten your mood.

#7: Get good quality sleep

Your body needs time to repair and renew its cells and tissues. Hormones that repair the body peak at night. Make the best use of the opportunity to heal by getting enough sleeping.

#8: Allow for appropriate expression of the full range of emotions

When emotions are not felt or expressed, physical problems can develop. Feeling and expressing emotion enables our emotional selves to detoxify and function optimally. Find fun and constructive ways to express your positive-and negative-emotions.

#9: Connect with community

Humans are social and want to be connected to others. A large community or a few close friends can fulfill the need for interactions. Decide and find what suits you best.

#10: Find a personal spiritual expression

A spiritual practice helps you to step back and look at daily events from a perspective you might otherwise miss. Many people find that this perspective evokes a feeling of peace and gratitude. However you feel or express your spirituality, take time for reflection.

When you eat healthy, nutritious foods and eliminate toxins, your body is supported in doing what it does best-repairing itself and getting stronger. The choice to be healthy is yours.