Natural Weight Loss

Diet plans may help people lose weight for a while, but few people have the stamina and self-discipline to permanently change their eating habits. An intriguing new study out of Japan has indicated a way for people to achieve natural weight loss without having to change their eating habits.

The Connection between Sleep and Hunger

Scientists observed several obese people and monitored not only their eating habits, but also their sleeping habits. They noticed a curious pattern: these people didn't sleep as much as they would like to, and often felt hungry during waking hours. The subjects were asked to make one minor change to their lifestyles: they were required to sleep earlier and get at least two hours more sleep. Over the next several weeks, the subjects reported less hunger and did indeed begin to lose weight. According to the scientists, lack of sleep caused their bodies to manufacture an oversupply of an appetite-inducing hormone. With more sleep, the subjects' hormonal balances were restored; they felt less hungry, ate less, and subsequently lost weight.

Natural Weight-Loss Therapies

Of course, not everyone can add two hours of sleep to their busy daily lives. At the same time, we must realize that people are creatures of habit and do not like being told what they can or cannot do, let alone eat. Natural weight loss therapies attempt to work with rather than against these tendencies. For example, drinking a tall glass of water in the evening can reduce the feeling of an empty stomach and thus one's appetite. By doing so, you have increased your daily water intake (recommended by doctors and dieticians) and have also ensured that you won't be digesting food or snacks while you sleep (when your body should be devoting its resources to repairing the damage of yesterday's daily grind). You will be more likely to awaken feeling refreshed and in a better mood. It might also help to gradually cut down on sweet snacks. As you slowly eliminate junk food and empty calories from your diet, you will likely find yourself losing your taste for them. After a while, you will realize that you are not only thinner, but also happier, healthier, and feeling more mentally sound. What could be more natural?

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