Perricone Nutritional Face-Lift

Overview of the Perricone Nutritional Face Lift

One of Perricone’s recommendations is to eat foods high in protein, a substance which he claims has anti-inflammatory properties. Perricone’s contention is that many low-calorie diets discourage the consumption of meats and other foods high in protein, and therefore do not offer sufficient amounts of protein. The resultant effect is the premature deterioration of the skin due to inflammation and loss of skin elasticity, which causes wrinkles and other signs of aging. As an alternative, the Natural Facelift offers a 28-day plan to increase the consumption of protein and decrease sugars and saturated fats. Perricone also recommends the use of various topical skin treatments, which he markets and sells in conjunction with the Nutritional Facelift plan.

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Foods you can eat on Perricone's Nutritional Face Lift

The primary source of Dr. Perricone’s high protein diet is wild salmon. Perricone believes that farmed, non-organic salmon is filled with chemicals and is to be avoided. In addition, Dr. Perricone suggests foods that have an anti-inflammatory effect such as avocados and leafy green vegetables. These food items cause the skin to look healthier and younger.

Foods you can’t eat on Perricone's Nutritional Face Lift

The diet cautions against foods with a high glycemic index such as bread, bagels, bananas, pizza, pasta and potatoes. These foods lead to inflammation in the skin, which causes premature aging.

Perricone dietary options

The 28-day diet plan begins with a menu that is to be repeated for three days. Upon waking up, begin with eight to twelve-ounces of spring water. The breakfast consists of three egg whites and one whole egg or a four- to six-ounce piece of broiled salmon, along with a half cup of oatmeal. The fruit selection for this meal should include a four-ounce portion of cantaloupe and a quarter cup of fresh berries. As with all of the meals in this plan, a minimum of eight ounces of spring water should be taken with the meal. The lunch and dinner menu consist again of salmon, or tuna in spring water. For a side dish, choose romaine lettuce with extra virgin olive oil. The fruit requirement of cantaloupe and berries is the same for all meals. Perricone recommends two snacks during the day, each including a small portion of chicken breast or turkey. For all meals in the Nutritional Facelift, the protein should be consumed first.

Perricone exercise plan

Dr. Perricone’s diet plan does not specifically mention the type of exercise, as it is mostly concerned with the types of food consumed. However, he does advocate regular exercise in conjunction with the diet and his topical skin treatments.  For more information on exercise programs, check out The Diet Channel's Fitness Recommendations .

Success of Perricone's Nutritional Face Lift

Three of Dr. Perricone’s books on dieting and “cosmeceuticals” reached the New York Times bestseller list, so millions have been exposed to Dr. Perricone’s theories on nutrition and skin care.

Perricone's Post-Diet Weight Maintenance Plans

Since the Nutritional Facelift is not primarily concerned with weight loss, it offers no specific recommendations for maintaining weight.