Protein Diet

High protein diets have attracted a lot of attention in recent years. The rationale behind high protein diets is that carbohydrates cause swings in blood sugar that can encourage your body to create body fat. Complex carbs such as rice and pasta are especially emphasized as easy ways to eat lots of calories that your body will then convert into fat. The high protein emphasis of this diet focuses on the consumption of protein and attempts to minimize carbohydrate intake.

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What do you eat on a typical high protein day?

A typical protein diet breakfast involves bacon and eggs. You are not allowed to have toast or juice. For lunch you could have a double cheeseburger (no bun) and a small salad. At dinner, simply eat as much of the meat of your choice as it takes to fill you up. You may compliment this meal with more salad if you wish. Basically any foods with sugar, starchy vegetables, and grains and fruits are not allowed.

Protein Diets and the loss of weight due to loss of water weight

A diet high in protein can reduce large swings in blood sugar levels. Also, a protein diet can lead to faster than average weight loss. However, this is largely due to loss of water weight . Having healthy amounts of carbohydrate in your body's tissues encourages your body to store water, which is healthy and necessary. If you drastically reduce the amount of carbohydrate in your body, then you retain less water. The catch is that when you start eating carbs again (as almost everyone does), you gain the water weight back.

Issues with the High Protein Diet

Another key point to consider is that excess calories, from whatever source (protein, fat, or carbhohydrate), will be turned converted into fat by your body. Your body doesn't care what the source of the excess calories is, it just knows that it has more calories available than it needs to burn, so it stores the excess calories as body fat. Carbs are not evil.

Another problem with this diet is that it can lead to the over consumption of cholesterol. All that meat and cheese, which is allowed by the diet, can be very unhealthy. Also, this diet can lead to kidney problems due to the low carb intake, and, since carbs are a source of energy, not eating them can potentially make you weak.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

As anyone with a heartbeat can attest, protein focused diets have been all the rage now for a decade. South Beach is arguably the most popular "pro-protein" diet.

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South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet

This hugely popular diet promises diligent followers an initial weight loss of 8-13 pounds in the first two weeks. The emphasis is on avoiding highly processed carbohydrates, such as those found in baked goods, breads, snacks and soft drinks. Divided into three phases, the diet gradually reintroduces some initially forbidden foods. One premise of the diet is that low-fat prepared foods can be a bad idea except in the case of low-fat cheese, milk and yogurt. Exercise is not emphasized with this diet.