Scan Diet

The Scan Diet is built around eating soy-based meal replacements and was developed by a Scandinavian doctor. The soy products are meal replacement powders, which contain a blend of protein, carbohydrate (including fiber), vitamins, and minerals, and are mixed with water. The diet allows for different amounts of calories a day depending on the needs of the person. There is an attack plan, a balance plan, and control plan.

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The Three-Plan Scan Diet

The attack plan has people eat no more then 1200 calories a day. Under this plan you would have about 5 powdered meals a day. The balance and control plan allow for 1500 calories and 1800 calories, respectively, and allow for greater amounts of low-fat food such as fruits, vegetables, pasta, and lean meat. The cost of this diet can be up to $300 a month. The attack plan is naturally more expensive, as you are purchasing more powders.

Is the The Scan Diet a good diet plan?

This program can be quite healthy but it may not lead to permanent weight loss because it doesn't teach you to alter your eating habits for any longer than the duration of the diet. Behavior modification and adopting healthy eating habits over the long term are always important for achieving sustained weight loss. The Scan Diet is also quite costly, but does have many success stories, especially for the obese.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

I've mentioned before how much I love soy based diets. Soy has so many health and diet benefits. The Scan Diet has some success stories and has been popular with people who struggle with obesity. If you are looking for a soy alternative to Scan, try the aptly named Healthy Soy Diet.

More on this diet below...

Healthy Soy Diet

Healthy Soy Diet

This diet takes advantage of the soy bean, which, in the last few years, has gotten a lot of positive press. Soy is a protein-packed food that, depending on what you want, can replace meat or dairy. By substituting soy for some of your animal-based meals, it is said that you can reduce your risk for heart disease.