Sonoma Diet

Sonoma Diet

Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet is a unique weight loss plan that brings together, for the first time, the art and science of food. The appreciation and enjoyment of flavorful meals makes for a healthy eating style that becomes second nature. Simple instructions for the amounts and combinations of food make the plate your guide - and it was all designed so that you can shed pounds safely and easily until you reach your target weight.

Overview of the Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet is divided into three distinct "Waves." Wave 1 comprises the first ten days of the diet. During this period you will overcome your habit of consuming large amounts of sugars, refined flour products, and other foods that are quickly absorbed and that most likely led to your weight concerns in the first place.

In Wave 1, you're naturally recalibrating your body and turning around bad eating habits. This challenge comes right at the beginning, when your enthusiasm and confidence are in high gear. You'll be thrilled with the results, since this is the period of fastest weight loss. And just when you're fully accustomed to your new, healthy eating habits, your portions and choices increase in Wave 2.

Wave 2 is the main segment of the diet, where you'll stay until you reach your target weight. Weight loss during Wave 2 is not as quick as it was in the first wave, but it comes steadily. During this Wave you'll continue to cultivate the Sonoma approach to eating, whereby each meal is savored slowly, with an emphasis on health and pleasure.

Wave 3 is the maintenance program of the diet and begins when you've met your target weight or other health goals. You'll continue to enjoy Sonoma-friendly foods as well as such occasional indulgences as snacks and desserts.

As long as you follow the plate-filling instructions and food lists, you can choose whatever you want. You can follow the suggested meal plans or design your own menus - it's up to you!

What to eat on the Sonoma Diet?

The Sonoma Diet redefines the portions of each meal, rather than the type of food dieters are allowed to eat. The emphasis is a shift in focus, for more vegetables and grains to play center stage, along with lean meats.

What not to eat on the Sonoma Diet?

For the most part, super-sized portions of food that contain excessive amounts of calories and fat are avoided. Food choices are limited to those that will suit the Sonoma Diet suggested portion sizes.

Sonoma Diet: eating options

The Sonoma Diet's plate-and-bowl concept brings the most recent nutritional science to your plate. You'll be using a 7-inch plate or a 2-cup bowl for your breakfast and a 9-inch plate for your lunch and dinner.

Are there any exercise recommendations on the Sonoma Diet?

For the most part, exercise is not strongly emphasized in the Sonoma Diet.  For more information on fitness programs, see the Diet Channel's Fitness: General Info.

Post Diet Weight Maintenance Plans

The Sonoma Diet is about balance: healthy eating habits that focus on enjoying your food, and eating right. Dieters are encouraged to continue the Sonoma principles of healthy living, and balanced eating.