Zone Diet

The Zone Diet was not specifically designed for the sole purpose of weight loss. Rather, Dr. Barry Sears developed the Zone Diet as a lifestyle change that uses food to manipulate one's hormones by regulating and stabilizing the amount of insulin production to help one become energetic, lean, and healthy.

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What foods you can eat on the Zone Diet

The foods that the Zone Diet concentrates on are 30% lean, low-fat proteins; 30% monounsaturated fats; and 40% low-denisty carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits. One should avoid eating carbohydrate-laden foods such as breads, grains, noodles, rice and other starches.

Is the Zone Diet a healthy diet option?

With the regulation of insulin being the cornerstone of this diet, carbohydrates (which raise blood sugar, thereby increasing insulin) must be severely limited. However, recent studies have shown that diets high in protein and fat, but low in carbohydrates can increase risk of stroke, heart disease, and various types of cancer.

Who is Kate? Who is Kate?
Who is Kate?

If the Zone isn't for you, consider the more popular South Beach Diet.

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South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet

This hugely popular diet promises diligent followers an initial weight loss of 8-13 pounds in the first two weeks. The emphasis is on avoiding highly processed carbohydrates, such as those found in baked goods, breads, snacks and soft drinks. Divided into three phases, the diet gradually reintroduces some initially forbidden foods. One premise of the diet is that low-fat prepared foods can be a bad idea except in the case of low-fat cheese, milk and yogurt. Exercise is not emphasized with this diet.