Too Lazy to Exercise? Top 6 Reasons Exercise Is Important

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 - 9:14am

By Michele Silence, MA

"I’m not overweight; I don’t need to exercise." We’ve all heard this statement from someone we know. Usually the person who’s talking is definitely not in shape yet they’re not terribly overweight either. Perhaps we’ve even made the comment in reference to someone else: "Oh you don’t need to exercise—you’re skinny!"

What many people don’t realize is that exercise has numerous benefits that are important for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Here are the top six reasons to stick to a regular workout routine:

1.   Lower your body fat through exercise

Regular exercise helps lower stores of body fat. Even if you’re lean, you can be storing too much of your current weight as fat. The higher your proportion of body fat, the greater your likelihood of contracting a number of medical conditions and diseases from cancer and heart disease to diabetes and obesity. Exercise helps bring dangerous levels of body fat down to a healthy range.

2.   Exercise will increase your muscle tone

Without regular strengthening exercises, your body will not have the shape or tightness that most people desire. Well defined muscles, tighter skin and less jiggling are all a result of working out. Skip the workouts and you’ll have less muscle tone and a less shapely figure.

3.   Improve your heart and blood vessel health as a result of exercise

The cardiovascular system needs regular aerobic exercise to keep the heart and all the blood vessels strong. It’s regular exercise that helps develop cardiovascular health, not a thin body.

4.   Realize significant circulation benefits by exercising

Increase your circulation from exercising regularly and you’ll see some other remarkable benefits like skin tone. Skin that sweats regularly stays looking more alive both in its color and in its complexion.

5.   With exercise you can avoid long term weight gain

Your best bet at curtailing future increases on the scale is to workout consistently. Weight gain creeps up very slowly and gradually for most people, until a once fit person becomes obviously overweight. The fact is that for every five years without exercise after high school, the average person loses three lbs of muscle. When there’s less muscle to burn calories, weight gain occurs. So, 20 years after graduating from high school most classmates will have gained a considerable amount of weight.

6.   Guard your psychological health by exercising

A great way to tackle depression and mood swings is through regular exercise. Many people who begin exercise programs to lose weight or get healthy soon realize the wonderful added benefit fitness has on their state of mind. Work out on a regular basis and enjoy the effects of the body’s own mood elevating endorphins. When these powerful drugs kick in chances are depression won’t. And, when you feel happier you look happier. Others around you will notice.

The above are just a few of the many reasons why exercise is so important visually, even if weight loss is not a concern at the moment. Of course there are many, many more reasons to lift weights and do some aerobic exercise regularly. The bottom line: You can’t go wrong by exercising. It will give back to you much more than you put into it.