Top 5 Excuses For Avoiding Exercise

Monday, December 18, 2006 - 11:05am

By Michele Silence, MA

If you bring up the subject of fitness or working out in some circles, you’ll immediately hear excuses for why people can’t (or won’t) participate regularly. However, probing a little deeper into these excuses you’ll notice that all of them are lame. You can always find exceptions. With the innumerable benefits fitness provides, it’s a shame more people aren’t doing it. Are you guilty of using any of these opt-outs?

1.   I don’t have time to exercise

Work. Home. Family. School. There’s always something taking up your time. By taking a few minutes just for you, you’ll not only improve your physical health, you’ll improve your mental health as well. Those few minutes you spend exercising enable you to think and have time to yourself…it might just be the only ‘me’ time you’ll have all day.

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2.   I don't have the money: exercise doesn't need to cost money

Exercise is wonderful because it doesn’t discriminate between rich and poor. A simple walk each day combined with some basic callisthenics can transform you from an couch potato to a lively, attractive, healthy person. All you need is a good pair of shoes.

3.   I’m too tired to exercise

Life is hectic. You get up. Go to work. Work overtime. Then, you rush home and try to relax. The next day, you do it all over again. It seems like there isn’t any energy left for something as strenuous as exercise. Luckily, the equation works quite the opposite. With regular exercise, your energy increases. You may even find yourself cleaning house at night thanks to your renewed vigor.

4.   Couldn't exercise today as something came up

If you aren’t totally committed to your fitness plan, you’ll continually come up with excuses. Excuses are around for anything. What they really provide is a way to get out of something you just really don’t want to do. To overcome this tendency, start exercising whenever you know you can do it.

5.   I hate exercise

Everyone can find a type of exercise that they don’t like just as well as find one they do. Keep on looking until you find something that is not only enjoyable, but downright fun. Whatever activity is for you, find something you like enough to do it repeatedly. Experiment with different routines until you find one that is “you”. Stick with it and become good at it. You’ll love it and will look better as the months go by.

Can't exercise: is it a reason or an excuse?

In short, most excuses are not valid reasons why people don’t workout; they’re just defense mechanisms. It’s sad to think that the popular perception of exercise—which is truly the fountain of youth—is that of dread, duty and apprehension. Remember, exercise is nothing more than a body in motion. It should feel good.