Trim Kids

Overview of Trim Kids Diet

Trim Kids, a 12-week plan, was created for overweight children and teenagers to facilitate weight loss and in obtaining a healthy lifestyle. Parental participation is a key factor as parents are encouraged to help their children through the program by limiting their intake of junk food, monitoring daily activities and exercises, setting firm limits, and most importantly, being supportive. There are numerous exercise suggestions and meal plan ideas to help kids attain their goal. As progress is made, children graduate to the next level until the program is completed. Trim Kids is a realistic plan that balances behavior modification, exercise, and nutrition to make children healthier, both physically and emotionally.

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Foods Trim Kids can eat

The plan does not specify any foods that children can or should eat. However, because children are growing, emphasis is placed on a well-balanced diet that is essential for development. There is a specially formulated ten week meal plan that has proven to be acceptable to the palates of children. Parents of Trim Kids participants can also visit the official website to obtain personalized menus for their children.

Foods Trim Kids can’t eat

Parents are requested to help children change their eating habits every step of the way. In short, this means being stricter on the intake of junk food and just eating healthier. With Trim Kids, both kids and parents will learn to make smarter food choices.

Trim Kids eating options

Trim Kids teaches children to make educated decisions when selecting what foods to eat. This means adding plenty of fruits and vegetables to their diet and eliminating much of the junk food they may be accustomed to eating and. Food should be eaten in moderate amounts, and it is to be expected that these healthy eating habits will be retained and become routine practice for their rest of their lives.

Trim Kids exercise recommendations

Trim Kids requires the implementation of a formal exercise plan in addition to an increase in regular activity. There are exercise plans available for kids of all ages, sizes, and athletic abilities. Parents are offered tips to keep children active during mundane, everyday occurrences such as talking on the phone and watching television. The rationale behind this is that every little bit of exercise adds up, and the accumulation of even a few minutes of exercise spread throughout the day will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Is the Trim Kids Diet a success?

Devised by a team of scientists and medical experts knowledgeable in exercise physiology, psychology, and nutrition, Trim Kids is a 15-year-old plan that was developed and is continuously refined at Louisiana State University. The evidence that this plan works has been proven by scientific experiments as well as the clinical results of over one thousand overweight children and teenagers who have participated in the study. Interestingly, parents who act as facilitators end up losing weight with the child!

Post diet Weight Maintenance Plans for Trim Kids

Upon the conclusion of the Trim Kids twelve week program, children should have a better understanding of what it takes to be fit and a good grasp on how to make smart, healthy life choices. Because the plan is more a lifestyle change than a diet, there are no specific post diet weight maintenance plans to bear in mind. Armed with the knowledge of healthy living, the children will lose the weight and keep it off.