Weight Loss Tips

Putting on weight is easy; taking it off is a little more difficult. Many people struggle with weight throughout their entire lives. Before beginning any weight loss program, it is best to consult your doctor. To lose weight, and maintain a healthy weight, your body should burn off more calories than it takes in. The only way this can be accomplished is through proper diet and exercise.

Tips for eating
Many people feel they can lose weight by skipping meals, but this will only cause your body to store fat as it goes into starvation mode. This way of thinking is discouraged. Instead, focus on eating smaller meals made up of healthier foods that are lower in fat and calories. Not only should you eat three meals a day, but snacks are also an important part of any weight loss programs. By eating more frequent, smaller meals, you are helping to stimulate your metabolism and keep hunger pangs at bay. The trick is to make every bite worthwhile. Instead of eating calorie- and fat-laden foods, try snacking on fruits and vegetables. These foods will help to fill you up, but don't come with the calorie levels of many other snack foods. Portion control is also recommended for weight loss. Instead of loading up your plate for each meal, try to cut back to healthier portions. The biggest food portions on your plate should be fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Meats and potatoes should not be the center of your meal.

Tips for exercise
Eating right is only part of the solution. If you truly want to lose weight, you will need to adopt an exercise regime. You need not be an athletic person, or even someone with a lot of time to spare; you just need to be able to move your arms and legs. You don't even have to join a gym, or purchase a set of expensive exercise equipment. Try starting out with a morning or evening walk, or march in place for thirty minutes while watching television—you will still be burning calories! As the weeks go by, increase the physical activity. Try running or using hand or leg weights as you walk.

Drink water
Finally, it's important to drink a lot of water. Many times, we think we're hungry when we're actually thirsty. Try drinking a full glass of water before each meal. This will cause you to fill up a bit, and you won't need to eat as much food. The more water you drink, the less you will store. Drinking at least eight full glasses of water each day will decrease bloating and water weight gain. Weight loss doesn't have to be difficult. The only tools you will need are a positive attitude and some exercise time.