About Us

The Diet Channel is a dynamic Internet community that provides information and support for dieters and health conscious individuals. We publish original articles, opinions and commentary from a variety of nutrition and fitness professionals to help you make sense of conflicting information. We also provide a space for you to share your thoughts and experiences with other users, swap tips, ask questions and interact.

Expert Opinions and a Supportive Community
When it comes to dieting and nutrition, sometimes even the experts agree to disagree. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make it easier for dieters to choose a healthy diet or make positive lifestyle choices. It can be pretty overwhelming to sort through all the contradictory theories about eating and nutrition out there.

At The Diet Channel, we publish original articles and commentary written by respected nutrition and health professionals to put all the confusing information into context for you. Our goal is to help you make quick, informed decisions about what’s most appropriate for you. Once you’ve figured it out, we encourage you to share your personal experiences and help others in the community. What works for you just might work for someone else.

On your road to success, we hope you make friends, ask for advice and support others along the way. One of the best ways to lose weight or change your eating habits is to share your challenges and your successes with others. Get engaged and involved!

Resources at The Diet Channel
Experimenting with your diet and fitness routine can be rewarding and fun. The trick is knowing that progress is right around the corner. Confidence comes from timely, authoritative information and community input. To support you, The Diet Channel offers:

  • Expert articles about healthy lifestyle practices
  • Resources for solving diet and fitness issues
  • Community support for achieving your goals
  • A space for sharing your personal experiences

Articles and Opinions From Health Professionals
The articles published on The Diet Channel are written by a network of writers with a variety of specialties. Most are registered dietitians, medical doctors and fitness experts. Smart, passionate and accomplished, they write for The Diet Channel because they are dedicated to educating people about nutrition and health. Their informed opinions are based on what is currently known about nutrition and health care today.

In addition to writing educational articles, our writers also express their opinions. We believe that discourse and debate play an important role in community awareness and learning. However, it is very important to us that The Diet Channel remains unbiased and uninfluenced by special interests and sponsors. As a result, before our writers begin, they must first assure us they have no financial or other interests in any company with something to gain from endorsements. We are committed to ethical behavior and the highest professional standards.

A Community of Dieters and Healthy-Minded Individuals
Changing your lifestyle can be incredibly challenging. Whether your goal is to lose weight, make better nutrition choices, or start a fitness plan, you need a place where you can bounce ideas off of others…or simply vent. You also need reliable information and support. That’s what we’re here for.

We believe that communities that share similar interests and common goals are powerful tools for lifestyle change. Communities help members expand their knowledge, thrive, and cope in ways they never could have alone. They also provide comfort by connecting you with people who are facing similar challenges. We hope you take advantage of the incredible benefits of participation.

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