Awesome Arms

Monday, April 23, 2007 - 1:00pm

By Michele Silence, MA

You can't stop envying those women who go sleeveless with well toned arms. It would be nice to not worry about whether your arms are covered or not, especially during the hotter summer months. Well you can add shape and definition to your arms and be ready to show them off by the time summer comes around again. Here are 4 exercises that will add tone and tightness to your entire upper body.

One: Bicep curls to add tone and tightness to upper arm

Works: Front of upper arm (the muscle shown for strength).
Keeping elbows next to body, lift weight up to shoulders then back down.
Start off with 1-5 lb. weights. When you can do three sets of 12, add 1-2 more pounds.

Two: Dips to tone back of upper arm

Works: Back of upper arm (the waving part).
Bend elbows and then straighten.
Use a wall when first starting out. Progress to a chair or bench.

Three: Push-ups give lift to your chest

Works: Chest and back (gives lift to your chest).
Hands wide apart, bend arm till face comes to wall/floor. Push back into the starting position.
Begin on the wall; progress to knees on the floor; then full push-up position

Four: Lateral raises strengthen shoulder tops

Works: The top of the shoulder (gives look of strength to shoulders without padding).
Lift arms to the side and then back down
Do same version to the front for variation

How many arm exercises and how frequently?

Remember to start slowly and do just a few more than you think you can. If you get sore the next day, you did too much. If you don't feel anything within two days (some people get delayed muscle soreness the second day), do more repetitions or add more weight next time. Tell yourself it takes years to have the type of body you envy. You can achieve that, but only by taking it one day at a time with a consistent routine.

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*This article is intended for general information purposes only, is not individual-specific, nor is it intended to replace the advice of your healthcare team.