6 Weeks to Get Out the Fat

6 Weeks to Get Out the Fat: An Easy-To-Follow Program for Trimming the Fat from Your Diet
By The American Heart Association

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A pocket-size guide presenting a six-week program for eliminating excess fat from the diet shows how to assess the amount of fat consumed, record typical meals, and gradually substitute more healthful foods, with tips on reducing fat while baking and cooking. Original. 75,000 first printing.

Now, the American Heart Associations gives you an easy-to-follow six-week plan to help you get the excess fat out of your diet. The good news is that you can do it! How? Take it one week at a time. 6 Weeks in Get Out the Fat gives you a realistic week-by-week approach you can follow. You can even tailor it to fit your personal needs. Every week is filled with easy things you can do reduce the fat in your diet. This book will show you how to make gradual, lasting changes for meals, snacks, cooking techniques, eating out, and more. By Week 6, you'll be eating right - and chances are you won't miss the fat and calories one little bit.