Dieting For Dummies

Dieting For Dummies
By Jane Kirby and The American Dietetic Association

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Paperback - 360 pages (November 1998)




"The key to successful weight loss doesn't require magic, grit and determination, or the moral character of a saint. It's much simpler," asserts Jane Kirby, R.D., in Dieting for Dummies, a fact-filled, fad-free dieting resource. The author represents the American Dietetic Association, a trustworthy source of scientifically sound nutrition and food information. You'll learn basic, reliable facts about all facets of weight loss, including helpful information about eating disorders, overweight children, dietary guidelines, fat replacers, calorie-shaving substitutions, a comparison of weight-loss programs, and an exposé of diet fads and scams (including some bestselling diet books). The book is organized into sections on your healthy weight; developing a healthy relationship with food; a plan for healthful living (including exercise); shopping, cooking, and dining out; and enlisting outside help. An excellent chapter on eating out spells out exactly what you should and shouldn't eat at restaurants of different kinds. As you'd expect from a For Dummies book, the writing is lively, friendly, and down-to-earth. The content is reliable and organized into accessible, easily skimmed chunks, with plenty of bulleted lists and charts making the information easy to grasp. If you've been confused by controversial diets or seduced by weight-loss fads-of-the-moment, read this book cover to cover. --Joan Price

Book Description (From website)
Fed up with Popular Diets and programs that charge hundreds of hard-earned dollars for "miracle" foods, supplements, or advice you've heard a hundred times but can't seem to follow? Here's a fast and friendly way to achieve and maintain the healthy weight you've always wanted...without starvation, fear, or failure. Packed with smart, practical insight into nutrition and weight, Dieting For Dummies gives you straight answers to your dieting questions. Discover the key to conquering your cravings, get the skinny on commercial diet aids and programs, spot the telltale signs of common eating disorders, stock your kitchen with healthy foods, create a diet plan you can live with, and focus on the healthy benefits of eating right and reducing your weight. With the helpful, plain-English advice you'll find inside Dieting For Dummies, you'll never have to worry about weight or willpower again.

The author, Jane Kirby , January 8, 1999
Beat the battle of the bulge!
Dieting For Dummies proposes to end the confusion over battling the bulge, not by offering a magic bullet that will melt the extra pounds away, but by providing a weight loss and exercise plan that is meant to last a lifetime. It helps the consumer decipher fact from fiction about dieting and answer many of their everyday diet and nutrition questions and concerns. The focus is on health, not cosmetics. It busts the myth of ideal weight and puts the emphasis on reaching for a reasonable weight. It’s positive and it’s honest. Like all the …For Dummies titles, readers don’t have to read it cover to cover. The topics covered are organized into easy-to-find, accessible chapters.

Unlike the many other diet books on the market, Dieting For Dummies is not filled with dietary restrictions and weight loss gimmicks. Instead, it provides strategies and tips for long-term weight management success. This approach helps increase dieters’ energy and self-esteem, as well as improve their overweight-related health problems.

I’m a registered dietitian and I’ve been on more diets than most people. I grew up in the 60s and 70s and was a teenager when Twiggy was popular. I understand the dieter’s mind. I want readers to know I’m on their side, and hopefully, I can offer them some help and encouragement that they haven’t heard elsewhere.

The publisher, [email protected] , January 16, 1999
Get on the road to a newer, slimmer, better you!
A smart weight loss plan can end the cycle of yo--yo dieting. This easy-to-digest resource helps readers achieve weight management through lifelong healthy eating and exercise habits versus fad-dieting. Jane Kirby, R.D., has been a national nutritional authority for more than 20 years and is the former editor-in-chief of Eating Well magazine. In "Dieting For Dummies®", she gives you the complete lowdown on diet fads, pills, gurus, and commercial weight loss plans. She also teaches you how to stop eating during times of stress and helps you establish a personally satisfying body image. "Dieting For Dummies®" is the fun and easy way to slim down and stay fit with expert tips on smart grocery shopping—from reading labels to reducing calories and fat in one's favorite recipes.